Perfecting your skincare routine as the seasons change


Hands dispensing ishga Active Cleansing Lotion


As the seasons change, it’s important that your skin is receiving everything it needs in terms of protection, nourishment and hydration. There are many factors that can have an impact on your skin, such as temperature, UV exposure and pollution that vary throughout the year.

Let's go through some of the essential year-round skincare products that you should be using as well as other tips to keep skin healthy and protected.

All year-round products 


Many of us (especially those with oily skin types) may feel tempted to skip using moisturiser during the summer months when skin may not feel so dry. However, it's important to use moisturiser every day, all year round to keep the skin's natural oil production balanced. If you don’t, you will be depriving your skin of its hydration and it could lead to over-production of oils and sebum.

Eye Cream 

The skin around the eyes is thin and very delicate, meaning it requires a different type of product to the rest of the face To protect it as much as possible, use an eye cream daily. 


Not just for the summer months, SPF should always be a part of your skincare routine. Even though the temperature can be much colder in the winter months, UVA and UVB rays can still get through and cause long-lasting damage. Don't skimp on it! It's recommended that you use one teaspoon for your face and reapply every few hours if you can, especially if you are sweating or spending long periods of time outside.


Hand holding ishga Replenishing Lip Balm


Spring to Summer  

As the weather begins to warm you can begin to use lighter formulations than you would during the winter months. Skin might not suffer from dehydration and dryness like in winter but it's still important to moisturise and care for your skin on a daily basis. Cleansers and toners can help to nourish the skin and rid it of excess oils. Once the weather begins to get warmer it is worth remembering to wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses and light tops that cover your shoulder and arms. Even if it does not feel that hot, the UV rays can still cause damage to your skin. If your skin does get burnt, apply a nourishing body lotion daily to soothe it and prevent flaking and dryness. 

Top tip: 

  • Apply SPF daily - even if it doesn’t feel that warm. 

Autumn to Winter  

As the weather starts to become drier, and the cooler air begins to arrive our skin can become very dehydrated. Thicker moisturisers and oils are a good solution to combatting dehydrated skin but it is also important to wear SPF as UV rays can still get through when its cloudy. Don't forget to keep your lips protected from drying out and cracking; natural, nourishing lip balms are a fantastic way to prevent this from happening

Top tip: 

  • Invest in some goodhand cream. Hands can become very dry during this period, if you start moisturising in the autumn, they can stay soft and hydrated throughout the winter.  

Don’t forget the rest of your body! 

Many of us when thinking about skincare focus only on the face. It’s important to keep the skin on the rest of your body hydrated too. Exfoliating will help to keep skin smooth and give circulation a boost. Moisturising is important not only in winter but throughout the year, try and apply daily, as you would with your face. During the colder months, a body oilis fantastic way to keep skin super hydrated. 

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