Travel sized skincare

Our handy 30ml miniatures are perfect gifts for loved ones, for taking on holiday or just having in your handbag to keep your skin healthy and hydrated no matter where you go. Consistent with our ethos, you can enjoy our miniatures knowing they contain only the purest natural ingredients for a clean, sustainable skincare routine.

Our Face 30ml Skincare Set combines three of our most popular products. Ishga Active Cleansing Lotion 30ml has been expertly designed to harness the healing effects of Hebridean seaweed, hand-harvested from our crystal clear waters. We mix our Hebridean seaweed extract with natural, local spring water, before adding cocoa butter and light jojoba oil to hydrate and nourish your skin, without blocking pores. Calming bergamot oil, citrus peel and natural Vitamin E lend strength to the cleanser and give it a beautiful, fresh scent.

Anti-oxidant Marine Cream 30ml is a revolutionary organic moisturiser, ishga Anti-oxidant Marine Face Cream is simply full of natural goodness, and will transform any skin type or stubborn problem, while brightening, freshening and smoothing out wrinkles. A powerful blend of clean skincare ingredients, it includes ishga’s seaweed extract and legendary Hebridean spring water, which together yield an amazing 86 vitamins and minerals.

ishga’s Nourishing Organic Face Oil is a beautiful, aromatic face oil, which works perfectly day or night as a wonderfully balancing, natural moisturiser. Light sweet almond and jojoba oils balance and soothe, with their skin-similar ph and texture able to thoroughly nourish, without blocking pores. Our healing seaweed extract provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, while the fragrance and balance of rose geranium oil creates a light, refreshing organic face oil.

It’s time to discover the hydrating, anti-ageing benefits of our cleansers, serums and face creams, created, developed and produced in one of the most remote parts of the UK. The perfect gift for you or someone you know, our seaweed skincare range will reveal healthier skin. Sustainable Scottish skincare is what we do, and we are delighted to be able to offer you natural, ethically made lotions, serums and oils that will nourish, hydrate and replenish your skin. Kind to you and the planet.