Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At ishga, we are committed to reducing our impact on our oceans and our planet as whole. We’re firm believers in the power of nature to heal, and we’re passionate about seaweed, and the unique ability it has to restore us. The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of the planet and holds 97% of all water on Earth, meaning it’s vital that we do all we can to protect it.

Our aim is to provide planet friendly natural skincare that delivers powerful results for all skin types. When we hand harvest our nutrient-rich Hebridean seaweed, we rotate the locations we visit carefully to give nature a chance to replenish her stocks properly. Our team carries out weekly trips to local shorelines to freshly collect four types of seaweed that are vital to our results-driven skincare. As a marine plant, seaweed does not need soil, fresh water or fertiliser to grow; it is completely self-sufficient, nutrient-dense and grows rapidly year-round. We are mindful of the harvesting methods we use, and ensure it is cut properly to allow for quick, natural regeneration.

We’re phasing out all plastic packaging, and replacing it with eco-friendly materials – glass bottles and smart aluminium caps. We no longer use laminated product boxes, and latex gloves, wet wipes, and bubble wrap have been replaced with eco-friendly alternatives including biodegradable gloves, biodegradable wet wipes and shredded paper. When we supply to our spa partners, we’ve switched from plastic packaging to biodegradable paper bags, for products like bath salts and seaweed powder. We've recently introduced a new screw cap bottle option to our bestselling Invigorating Body Oil. This allows you to reuse the pump from your last empty bottle, minimising plastic use and waste. We will soon be introducing the option across the range. Our team consistently review the actions we can take to make our processes and products more environmentally friendly.

We care about our environment as much as our customers do, which is why we are committed to creating a sustainable future and keep our planet thriving.