Made in Scotland
Certified Organic
Suitable for all skin types
Made with Hebridean seaweed

Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub 50ml

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Indulge your skin with our Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub, carefully crafted to invigorate and rejuvenate body and mind. Harnessing the power of pure sea salt, renowned for its rich mineral content including over 60 naturally occurring trace elements such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, this luxurious scrub provides a host of skin-nourishing benefits. Gently exfoliating, it effectively removes dullness and impurities, unveiling refreshed and radiant skin.

Enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil and almond oil, this scrub moisturises and softens the skin, leaving it supple and silky smooth. The infusion of our unique Hebridean seaweed extract further enhances its revitalising properties, promoting a youthful glow. The signature ishga blend of lavender, rose geranium, lemongrass, and juniper berry essential oils provides a sensorial journey, soothing the senses and calming the mind.

ishga Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub is true to the principles of vegan skincare and is organic certified by the Soil Association.

Sustainable, cruelty-free skincare that is planet-friendly.

Also available in 200ml

Key Active Ingredients and Benefits

Maris Sal (Sea Salt)

Detoxifies the body and restores the skin's natural pH balance. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the sea salt help the skin to stay clear and healthy. Gently exfoliates to remove impurities that clog pores, promoting blood circulation and skin regeneration. Has healing properties, beneficial to all skin types.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a carrier oil ideal for all skin types. It hosts antioxidant properties to protect and heal the skin. It can help to reduce redness and keep skin calm and soothed.

Thistle Oil

Thistle Oil is an excellent source of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids (Vitamin F), and has been found to clear congested skin and decrease the size of pores. It's ideal for all skin types, but especially those with oily and combination skin.

Almond Oil

An emollient excellent for hydration, to moisturise and smooth the skin. Improves skin texture and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Lightweight and quick to absorb.

Fucus Serratus Seaweed Extract

Fucus Serratus Seaweed is one of the key ingredients we use at ishga, due to its incredible benefits for the skin. It contains high levels of natural antioxidants known as polyphenols. These antioxidants provide protection against damage to the skin by neutralising free radicals (damaging atoms in the air). Fucus Serratus Seaweed has also been found to regenerate skin cells, promote natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin, and deliver hydrating properties to lock in moisture.


Has skin healing properties and is an effective cleanser for all skin types. Its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin.


Contains relaxing properties to ease stress, soothe the mind and improve low mood. Helps to ease muscle cramps and aches.

Rose Geranium

Can help to balance the skin's natural oil production. It can minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and brighten skin, and is excellent for those with acne.

Juniper Berry

Has astringent, calming, purifying, antiseptic and skin healing properties that contribute to its health-promoting effects. Can help to fight against breakouts and acne and control excess sebum in the skin.


Maris sal,

Prunus amygdalus dulcis seed oil*, Carthamus tinctorius seed oil*, Simmondsia

chinensis seed oil*, Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Glycerin, Pelargonium graveolens

flower oil*, Lavandula angustifolia oil*, Juniperus communis fruit oil*,

Cymbopogon flexuosus herb oil*, Sorbic acid, Fucus serratus extract*, Fucus

vesiculosus extract*, Citral**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**, Limonene**, Linalol**.




constituent of essential oils listed

How to apply

Stir the product thoroughly and place onto the palm of the hand. Massage in circular, upwards movements all over the body, then rinse off excess salt with warm water and pat skin dry.

About ishga

Experience results-driven skincare derived from the ocean, backed by science

The name ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water. The pure, clean waters of the Hebridean Islands off the north west coast of Scotland are home to ishga, and where we sustainably hand harvest the four types of seaweed that are at the heart of our organic skincare range. Hebridean seaweed contains potent natural antioxidants with properties which transform and protect skin. ishga has developed a bespoke process to extract its natural goodness, harnessing an abundance of vitamins and bioactive minerals to create a remarkable range of high performing products that deliver efficacy for all skin types.