6 Skincare tips for colder weather

If, like us, you live somewhere that the weather can be harsh in winter, you’ll know that cold temperatures can really affect your skin. Your face and body can get dry or itchy, and sometimes you might experience flare-ups of more serious skin conditions.

So what are some simple things that you can do to protect your skin, and keep it healthy and glowing during autumn and winter?

  1. Give it lots of moisture

Your skin is your largest organ and it’s there to serve as a barrier to protect your body, including keeping its water content just right. When the weather is very dry or cold, water evaporates off the surface of the skin much faster, so drinking more water will help to keep your moisture levels topped up.

Humidifiers in your home are also a great way to add moisture to the air, and you won’t feel your skin drying out so much when the time comes to use your central heating.

  1. Use gentle products

Be careful not to use harsh products in winter – the gentler they are the better. You don’t want to strip moisture away from the skin as the weather gets colder. ishga’s Active Seaweed Cleansing Lotion is perfect for this time of year; gentle but incredibly healing for skin conditions from eczema to acne.

  1. Avoid very hot baths and showers

In cold weather, if you use water that’s too hot on the face, it dehydrates the skin and can cause cracks. Hot water evaporates fast, and if the skin isn’t left moisturised, it will leave skin itchy and red.

If you do want to take a hot bath or shower, then make sure you moisturise really well afterwards. What you’re trying to do is to keep the barrier of your skin from losing water, so put lots of moisture back in! Our Invigorating Body Lotionor Invigorating Body Oilare great products to add to your bathing routine.

  1. Use a good moisturiser, and use it often

It’s definitely worth upgrading your moisturiser to a thicker, creamier one when temperatures drop. Use it after you cleanse your face or body, and one more time through the day to keep your skin smooth and healthy. You could even use an oil before your moisturiser to lock in more hydration.

Of course we love ishga’s Nourishing Organic Face Oiland Anti-oxidant Marine Cream. They’re full of the highest quality natural moisturisers and the most beautifully scented essential oils too.

  1. Keep your skin dry in the cold

It seems obvious, but lots of people dash outside just after they’ve washed their hands if they’re busy, and if your skin’s damp and gets really cold, it’s likely to chap easier.

Don’t lick your lips to keep them moist, use a good lip balm like ishga’s Replenishing Organic Lip Balm, and why not treat your hands to our award-winning Hydrating Hand Cream too?

  1. Exfoliate carefully

The amount you should exfoliate in winter varies from person to person, and if your skin is very dry, you shouldn’t over-exfoliate.

In cold weather, your skin is much drier, but once a week is generally a good idea to help speed up skin cell regeneration and allow your skin to absorb your moisturiser really well. Our Exfoliating Face Mask offers a host of organic ingredients and Hebridean seaweed powder to naturally buff away excess dirt and pollution.

We hope our tips have been useful and that you enjoy the change of season. This time of year can be so beautiful, and if you have healthy, glowing, comfortable skin, you can spend lots of time outside and enjoy it all the more.