Beautiful, sustainable glass bottles from ishga…

It’s important to us

It’s been a busy few months here at ishga. Lots of exciting things have been happening as our seaweed skincare products become ever-more popular, right across the world. However, this week, we’ve finally been able to do something that means a lot to us.

As you know, the health of the world’s oceans is very close to our heart. We care about the state of our planet, and about all the plastic that gets thrown away, upsetting our ecosystem and harming amazing, but vulnerable, sea creatures.

We’re delighted to announce that our much-awaited eco-friendly packaging is now ready across the majority of our range. So, the next time you order your favourite products, they’ll promptly arrive in beautiful, frosted glass bottles and jars to adorn your bathroom shelves. We are aiming to apply this across our entire range and will be updating even more products with beautiful glass bottles very soon.


A little more about glass

Glass is an amazing material for packaging. It’s totally sustainable, infinitely recyclable, and looks and feels wonderful. It’s a completely natural product, made from sand, soda ash and limestone, which are all readily available. These ingredients are melted at a high temperature and then the resulting liquid glass can be blown, pressed or moulded into any shape.

It’s 100% recyclable and can be remade again and again, without any loss of quality or purity. When ishga’s glass bottles and jars are recycled, you can now be sure there will be no additional waste or by-products. And, you can also be sure that no trace elements from any plastic packaging will be transferred to our completely natural, organic skincare.


It’s got history

Glass has been around since it was produced in 3500 BC in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and first used as jewellery and objects for storage. Since those ancient times, the way that glass is manufactured has moved from purely craftsmanship to mass production in huge factories - however it’s beauty and versatility remain the same.

It’s everywhere we look, and it’s shaped the way that our culture has evolved – particularly in Europe – affecting our heritage, our living conditions, our industries and our technology like no other substance. From masterpieces in Bohemian crystal to Murano glass from Italy, the Mirros Gallery in the Palace of Versailles or all the beautiful stained glass in our churches and cathedrals, it’s a tried, tested and astonishing material.

 Active Cleansing Lotion

We’re choosing to make a difference

So, finally we’re able to do more to reduce the waste and the problems our oceans face. We know that plastic clutters all corners of our planet and is threatening our wildlife, from remote parts of the Antarctic to the very deepest ocean trenches. We hope other companies will choose to do their bit as soon as they can, but for now we’re able to pass on a clear conscience to you. You can rest assured that by choosing ishga, you’ll not only make a difference to your skin, but a real difference to the planet too.

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