Glass Skin: The glowing skin trend and how to achieve it

Healthy, nourished skin is always in. ‘Glass skin’ is the current trend building on this aspiration for the ultimate glow, originating from K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) stars and has now racked up millions of views on TikTok. K-Beauty is all about working with high efficacy products, natural ingredients and layering to achieve that poreless dewy look – something we can get on board with at ishga!

It may be tempting to reach for the brightest highlighter you can find, but the first steps in achieving glass skin is taking it back to skincare basics, focussing on what your skin needs and layering multiple steps to deliver long-term skin health. Makeup can certainly enhance your glow, but there’s nothing quite like the natural dewy look of your own skin.

What about pores?

It’s worth keeping in mind that although the glass skin trend aims for a poreless look, it is not possible to control the size of our pores. They are a natural element of our skin’s texture and play an important part in allowing substances like sweat and oil to leave the body. The size of our pores is largely dependent on skin type and genetics. Some skin types, such as oily skin, may feature more noticeable pores. This is perfectly normal and over time, we may all notice a difference in enlarged pores as the collagen in our skin begins to break down and we lose structure and elasticity. Environmental factors can also come into play, such as pollution and UV rays. There are many skincare and lifestyle steps we can take to reduce the appearance of pores, but don’t be disheartened by your skin looking like skin! Enhance your natural glow with these glass skin tips… 

Steps to achieve glass skin

Double cleanse

It begins with the basics. Makeup or no makeup, cleanse morning and evening with your favourite cleansers. Begin with a cleansing balm like our Marine Cleansing Balmto remove grime, oil and dirt build up, before following with a lighter formula like our Active Cleansing Lotion to polish and prep skin for the following steps. 


Exfoliate twice a week with a natural exfoliator such as our Exfoliating Face Mask or a slightly gentler option like our Exfoliating Face Wash (which can be used daily). Don’t be tempted to over-exfoliate as it can strip skin of our natural moisture barrier and upset pH levels. 


Use a hydrating mist like our Hebridean Marine Tonerto add a boost of vitamins and minerals to the skin. With 93% organic ingredients, it features cooling aloe vera, mandarin red essential oil and our unique Hebridean seaweed extract to deliver an effective hydrating mist.

Staying hydrated on the inside is important in achieving glowing skin too, so make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water per day for radiance from the inside-out.


Next, you should use a serum to treat skin concerns such as pigmentation and fine lines. Our Regenerating Face Serum firms and tones the skin, having been described as a ‘natural lift’. It contains a high percentage of our antioxidant rich Hebridean seaweed extract, containing properties which protect and have been proven to regenerate skin cells. 


By now, your skin will be lathered in natural goodness and we’re ready to lock it in with a face oil like the ishga Nourishing Face Oil. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin with a subtle dewy glow. Remember to use a specific cream for eyes too, as this area is more delicate, such as the ishga Rejuvenating Eye Balm. 

Lock it in

Ensure the work you’ve put into your skin is protected by using a moisturiser like our Anti-oxidant Marine Cream. It was awarded 'Best Natural Formula' in the Marie Claire Skincare Awards, being described as a 'revolutionary antioxidant moisturiser'. Our bestselling formula (and our first ever ishga product to be developed) contains Hebridean seaweed extract, aloe vera, cucumber extract, apricot kernel oil, bergamot and more natural goodness to actively moisture, protect and soothe skin. Our Balancing Marine Cream is another great moisturising option with a slightly lighter texture to suit sensitive or combination skin.


Don’t forget the SPF, no matter the weather. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through clouds even when it doesn’t feel warm or sunny, so protect your skin from damage by following your routine with a quality SPF of at least 30. 


It may seem like there are a lot of steps to follow, but getting into the habit of following a consistent skincare routine will help you reap the benefits to achieve glass skin. Not to mention, taking 10 minutes for self care in the morning and evening is a great chance to give yourself some mental space and focus on you.