How to create an at home spa day

Visiting a spa for a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial is undeniable bliss and a special treat. A spa experience is unlike no other kind of relaxation, but for those days you can’t visit the spa (sadly not every day is a spa day!), we have our restorative self-care routine you can do from the comfort of your own home.  

Whether you choose to do all the steps or just a few, you will find each one a welcome addition when you need to pamper yourself. 


  1. Create a warm glow with low lighting

To unwind and relax, switch off bright lights and instead light a scented candle. The low light and scent will help to create a soothing atmosphere and lower stress levels.ishga’sHebridean Dreams Hand Poured Candle will transport you to a realm of relaxation. Containing our signature oils of lavender, rose geranium, juniper and lemongrass, it will soothe the senses and provide a blissful sense of peace. 

  1. Choose relaxing music

Music can create an immersive relaxation experience, and we have a bespoke track you can listen to at home. Our sound treatment has been designed to complement your ishga at-home experience. Composed by our partners atSwell using field recordings, traditional instruments and therapeutic sound techniques, this specially designed composition will ground you in the moment, and aid relaxation before transporting you to the Outer Hebrides. Listenhere. 

  1. Relaxing bath or shower

Warm water and steam can have a very relaxing effect on the body, helping to reduce any muscle tension you may have. It can improve mood by reducing anxiety and stress and if you shower or bathe in the evening, the warm water will help lower the body’s core temperature helping you to fall asleep. Before you int the shower or bath put a fluffy robe on a radiator so it's warm and cosy when you get out. If you are bathing, ishgaInvigorating Bath Salts will help create the ideal relaxing soak. And to renew and invigorate the skin you can use ishga Hebridean Salt Scrub. Not only will skin be silky smooth but exfoliating brings added benefits such as givingyour skin a circulation boost and aids in lymphatic flow and drainage. It can also help with product absorption, as dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can prevent serums and moisturisers from penetrating the skin optimally.  

  1. Glowing skincare routine

Start on the face by applying the ishgaExfoliating Face Mask and leave on for 8-10 minutes. Take this time to lie back and relax while listening to soothing music and enjoying your scented candle. Once the face mask is removed, applyActive Cleansing Lotion to gently double cleanse the skin. Next apply a spritz ofHebridean Marine Toner to refresh the skin and bring the skins’ pH levels back to normal. Apply a few drops ofNourishing Face Oil and gently massage into the skin, taking your time to work around the face. Not only will this be incredibly relaxing, but the massage will also help increase blood flow, leaving skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Let the facial oil absorb into the skin for a few minutes and then apply yourMoisturiser. This combination of oil and cream will give your skin a double boost of hydration and allow the products to work their magic while you sleep at night. 

  1. Soothe tired muscles

If your muscles are still not quite soothed enough after your shower or bath, thenishga Muscle Recovery Oil will work quickly and effectively to soothe tired or sore muscles.Simply pump into hands and smooth onto clean damp or dry skin to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits. The uplifting aroma of essential oils will help to destress the mind and relieve fatigue. 

  1. Don’t forget the feet

For most people, there is one part of the body that receives the least attention and that is usually the feet. Apply some nourishingInvigorating Body Lotion and massage into the feet, taking time to work the muscles. Put on a pair of socks to lock in the moisture and keep your feet hydrated overnight. 


Now you can really put up your feet and relax while all your products get to work. Place a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes to help refresh the eye area, grab yourself a herbal tea and continue your home spa day listening to some soothing music, an audio book or pure, uninterrupted silence. Bliss💜 

Ready to visit a spa? ishga is partnered with over 110 spas throughout the UK and Ireland. You can find the nearest to youhere.