Is over washing your face bad for your skin?

Washing our face is step one in an effective skincare routine. While the aim is to remove the bacteria, oils, pollution and dirt that can build up on our skin, it’s important that we don’t over-wash and disrupt our skin's pH. Read on to find out how over-washing can affect your skin and why gently does it... 

Too much washing can affect the skin barrier 

Over the day our skin produces natural, healthy oils that offer protection from bacteria. Over-washing can destroy the skin barrier, disrupt our pH and strip the skin of it’s natural oils which can lead to breakouts and damage. 

What is the skin barrier? 

The skin barrier is the outer layer of your skin, and its main job is to protect you from external factors that might cause your skin to become irritated or inflamed. The technical name for the skin barrier is the stratum corneum and it is made up of cells and lipids (skin's natural fats). These combine to provide a defensive wall, helping to keep your skin healthy and balanced. 

How often should I wash my face? 

The general recommendation is to wash twice a day, in the morning and again at night, but this varies from person to person. Washing your face in the evening is particularly important as it removes all the days grime and dirt. Bacteria left on the skin can clog the pores and then cause outbreaks. Washing in the evening is also hugely beneficial for your skin as the face oils and moisturisers you apply before going to bed can work their magic as your skin restores itself while you sleep. 

There may be some days when you wash your face more than twice a day, such as after exercising or sweating. Use a gentle cleanser that will clean your skin, without stripping it too much. 

Choose your cleanser 

Choosing the right cleanser type for you, depending on your skin type, is the key to a healthy complexion. To maintain skin health, use a gentle cleanser on your skin. Using products with harsh chemicals while over-washing your skin will strip the skin barrier even further. 

Our Active Cleansing Lotion is a water-based cleanser that will gently remove dirt and bacteria and is great for all skin types. If you opt for a double cleanse, you can follow this up with our Marine Cleansing Balm. This natural cleanser melts away make up, stress and pollution, leaving mind and body soothed, and skin refreshed. Both work great individually and when combined, and our Marine Cleansing Balm is especially good for those with dry skin as it offers extra nourishment with shea butter and almond oil. 
Our Exfoliating Face Wash also offers a gentle way to exfoliate daily as it contains fine Hebridean seaweed grains which those with oily and combination skin may find helps to keep skin balanced. 

Not sure what your skin type is? Take our skincare quiz here.