ishga, our story so far…

Where we started

This week we’d like to tell you about some of the exciting things that are happening for ishga right now. From humble beginnings in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, we’re now seeing demand for our seaweed skincare right across the world. It’s wonderful to see, and we’re so grateful.


ishga’s journey began simply with a passion for beauty, science and seaweed. Malcolm, a scientist, his wife Joanna, a beauty therapist and their friend Martin, a seaweed expert, set out to create organic skincare that harnessed the antioxidants and anti-ageing properties in the pure seaweed that grows in abundance on Lewis’s North Atlantic shores.


Malcolm cleverly designed a seaweed extraction process that is still the cornerstone of the entire ishga range. This mineral rich powder is blended with organic ingredients and beautiful essential oils to create our natural organic skincare, which continues to gain popularity and gather more awards every year.


Our Anti-oxidant Marine Face Cream was the very first product to be developed, and it remains our best selling ‘hero product’.


Marine Cream


Where we are now

Now, you’ll find us in no less than 50 spas, salons and retail outlets across Scotland, England and Wales. From Gleneagles in Perthshire, to St Michaels Resort in Cornwall and voco St David’s Hotel in Cardiff, you’ll find ishga somewhere near you in the U.K.


Responding to demand, we’re also increasing our presence in other parts of the world. With continued growth in Australia and Asia, our most recent partner there is Bliss the Spa in the Airways Hotel, Papua New Guinea. This beautiful hotel is built in its own botanical gardens, and like ishga, places a firm focus on harnessing the power of nature.


Pioneering natural skincare globally

Our reputation as a pioneer in natural, organic skincare extends to the U.S. We are growing in popularity on both its West and East coasts through working with local spa partners, and ishga US are hoping to attend upcoming trade fairs to spread the word of our organic seaweed skincare even further.


In Europe, we’re looking forward to working with major retailers in Germany, and ishga Poland will be launching very soon. In the UAE, we’re always increasing our presence in the luxury skincare trade, and in the spa industry too. We’re delighted to announce that we’re also talking to distributors in Japan, North Africa and India.


Bringing ishga to you

So, from humble beginnings in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, ishga is now sending a little bit of Hebridean bliss across the world. The results of our skincare are hard to ignore, and the allure of the pure shores of Lewis are equally difficult to resist. In each bottle or jar there’s that same sense of natural purity, freshness and calm. Our aim is to bring it to as many happy customers across the world as we can, and we’re on track to do just that.