Q&A with ishga Head of Training & Account Support Natalie Rodgers

This month we caught up with our Head of Training and Account Support, Natalie Rodgers. She is one of the our longest serving team members, joining near the beginning, almost ten years ago! Learn about Natalie's journey with ishga and where it all started.

Natalie ishga

What is it like to be Head of Training at ishga? What does your role involve?

My role involves booking and coordinating Training for our accounts as well as ensuring they are looked after and have all they need from ishga. I also support our other lovely Trainers Lucy, Kat & Gillian in their journey in Spa Training and account development. I would say the role is varied, fast paced, exciting, therapeutic, and lots of thinking on your feet, but most of all very satisfying!

What made you to decide to join the ishga team initially?

I felt quite patriotic about being part of a Scottish skincare range as there isn’t many on the market. The fact the ingredients are sourced from our mother earth was very appealing and it was even better it was organic and natural. I knew the founders already and always felt like part of a family with my work colleagues! 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy seeing the Therapists we train go from knowing little or nothing about our brand, to then being equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform treatments. I love teaching and helping people to learn. It's great to know you have made a difference.

How has your role at ishga evolved over the years?

The brand has grown massively in the last ten years. From one or two spa accounts and a small product line to new developments, unique products, and beautiful spas coming on board. My role has evolved to being the only Trainer in the company to now having four of us and many more wonderful spa partners to support.

Lady getting back massage in spa

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love my holidays and travel, spending time with my son and my friends and family. I like outdoors and camping and if I ever get time, I like my yoga and gym classes too.

Do you have any ‘must-know' skincare advice?

My go to advice is remember to exfoliate regularly!Some people miss this out in their skincare regime, but it’s important to get rid of any dead skin cells to keep the skin clean and bright and allow your products to penetrate properly. Our Exfoliating Mask is the perfect 2 in 1 mask/exfoliator and gentle enough to use twice a week.