Simple tips to avoid skin pilling

Have you ever applied a product to your face, only for it to form into tiny, flaky granules that sit on top of your skin and don’t absorb? That’s calledpilling and it’s very common when applying face products. Let's find out why it can happen and simple tips to prevent it. 

What is skin pilling? 

When a product is not absorbed into the skin properly, it may break into small round particles that sit on the surface of your skin, easily rolling off. In this instance, the more you rub your skin, the more the product may separate and produce these flakes. This can lead to an unwanted texture and be irritating when applying makeup. 

What can cause skin pilling?  

  1. Applying too much product
    It can be tempting to slather our faces in as much product as possible (thinking more = better results), but with most products, a little goes a long way. Ourserum for example, contains a high concentration of seaweed extract and will penetrate deep into the skin, so only a drop or two is needed to achieve optimal results. It will last you longer too!
  2. Rushing your skincare routine

To allow your products to work to their full potential, it’s important to give time for each product to properly absorb into your skin. Wait one to two minutes before applying the next product in your routine. 

  1. Applying products in the wrong order

Skincare layering will allow your products to work effectively, delivering their unique benefits to your skin. For example, applying a moisturiser followed by a serum wouldn’t be the best approach, as the serum consistency is thinner than a moisturiser and wouldn’t fully penetrate through a thicker texture to the skin. You can find out more about skincare layeringhere. 

  1. Lack of exfoliation

To make sure your skin is fresh and free from dirt, oils and pollution, regular exfoliation can help to keep it clean and ready for skincare products to be applied. You can use ourExfoliating Face Mask one to two times a week or combine with ourActive Cleansing Lotion to use as a gentle daily exfoliator. 

Slowing down your skincare routine (easier said than done on some days!) and ensuring you are using your products in the right order can go a long way to optimal absorption and avoiding skin pilling, for a nourished, healthy appearance.