The benefits of skincare layering

With so many skincare products out there, the choice of products and how to use them can sometimes seem overwhelming. One trend that has been picking up in popularity is layering. 

Let’s explore how this can help your skin look healthy and nourished.  

What is skincare layering? 

Each product has a specific purpose. Using these in a certain order will allow you to achieve maximum results and give your skin optimum nourishment. 

What are the benefits to skincare layering? 

  • Increased absorption rates: Each skincare product will have a different absorption rate that is dependent on structure, texture and ingredients used. Applying them in the correct order ensures the best results. For example, a serum goes deeper into your skin layers than a face oil, so if you apply the face oil first, the serum won’t work as well as it should. 
  • Targeted skincare:If you have any specific concerns about your skin, such as fine lines, using multiple products together to target these areas can help to alleviate it. Make sure you’re using the correct products for your skin type, as not everything works for everyone! 
  • Your skincare routine becomes customisable: Everyone has a different skin type and areas they would like to target. Tailoring your routine to what your skin needs saves you on unnecessary products and time. Determine what skin type you have (dry, combination, oily or normal) and work from there. 

Simple ishga skincare layering routine 

  1. Cleanse –Start with ourMarine Cleansing Balm orActive Cleansing Lotion to deeply cleanse and refresh the skin. You can also combine cleansers for a double cleanse if you wish. 
  1. Tone – Spritz ourHebridean Marine Toner directly on to your face and let it absorb. Or if you prefer, you can spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face. 
  1. Serum – ApplyRegenerating Face Serum with raindrop fingertip motions (see our how to apply videohere), followed byRejuvenating Eye Balm delicately to the eye area if using. 
  1. Moisturise – Whether you opt for one of our nourishing Marine Creams or you prefer a face oil, application is especially important at night time as that is when our skin is at work repairing itself. If you need a double boost of hydration, apply the face oil, followed by ourAnti-oxidant Marine Cream. 

ishga products contain our unique Hebridean seaweed extract.Studies show that fucoidan rich brown seaweed accelerates skin cell regeneration, increases collagen production, is high in antioxidants and seaweed extracts are known to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid. The natural ingredients will work in harmony as you layer them, giving your skin intense hydration and nourishment.  

Top tips 

Don’t use too many products 

This can overload the skin and may cause further concerns. Using 3-6 products that work for your unique skin type is plenty. 


To allow each product to fully absorb, wait 1-2 minutes before applying the next one. Time to brush your teeth in between! 

Layer in the right order 

To get the maximum results from your products, use in the right order and let your skin reap the benefits!