Tips to minimise pores

The appearance of your pores can be influenced by several factors, such as your skin type, genetics, age and sun exposure. Pores have an important function as they allow the skin to breathe, acting as a channel between the inside of the body to the outside. 


Why do pores become enlarged? 

Every person has tiny fine hairs that cover most of their skin. Each hair follicle has a pore at the top of it and within this pore is the sebaceous gland, which produces oil. 

Main causes of enlarged pores: 

  • An overactive sebaceous gland, which produces too much oil 
  • Clogged pores 
  • A decrease in skin elasticity around the pore 


Here are our top tips to make pores less noticeable and give your skin a glowing appearance. 


  1. Cleanse daily

This is one of the best ways to keep your pores clean and reduce their appearance. At ishga we are big fans of the double cleanse as this ensures your skin is super clean and there’s no excess makeup, dirt or residue left over. Ideally, it’s best to cleanse in the morning and evenings, but if you only cleanse once a day make sure it's in the evening, so your skin is clean overnight. For a thorough cleanse, we love to use ishgaMarine Cleansing Balm followed by ourActive Cleansing Lotion, this double cleanse will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished. 


  1. Avoid touching your face

Our hands can become playgrounds for bacteria as we touch many different objects and surfaces throughout the day. Unless you are cleansing your face, try to avoid touching your face as dirt and bacteria can cause your pores to become clogged. 


  1. Use a face mask weekly

A face mask will help to remove dead skins cells, brighten the skin and minimise the appearance of pores. Use one with a gentle grain such as ourExfoliating Face Mask. If you use a rough exfoliator this can cause skin irritation and swelling which can make your pores appear even larger. 


  1. Use SPF protection

Incorporate an SPF into your daily skincare routine following your moisturiser to give your skin protection from harmful UV rays, which can cause it to lose collagen and elastin – the proteins found in your skin that give it texture and shape. 


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