Why don't ishga products have SPF?

SPF is important to wear year-round to protect your skin from sun damage. Although ishga products don’t contain an SPF, we do recommend adding one into your skincare routine. Let’s look into why our products don’t contain an SPF and how you can keep your skin nourished and protected this summer.  

We don’t want to use chemicals 

Common ingredients found in many chemical sunscreen products arezinc oxide, titanium oxide and oxybenzone. The latter is sometimes referred to as the ‘microplastic of chemicals’ because of the damage it causes to coral reefs and marine life. Using ingredients that are damaging to the environment goes against our values and all that we stand for.  

Also, skin absorbs 60-70% of product into our bloodstreams, and having chemicals that we can’t pronounce the names of in our bodies just doesn’t sit well with us! At ishga, we only use the highest-quality, natural ingredients. We do not compromise on quality and know exactly what is going into our products. Weensure traceability meaning we only use high quality, sustainable suppliers certified by the Soil Association. 

Healthy oceans are important to us 

Sunscreen can rinse off when we go into the sea or shower, making its way into our oceans and hurting marine life. The ocean is at the heart of ishga, so we want to do all we can to keep it safe. Mineral based sunscreen is a much planet-friendlier alternative to chemical-based options. 

Keeping skin safe 

Some chemical sunscreen ingredients can cause allergic reactions in certain people, especially those with sensitive skin. Our skincare is suitable for all skin types and we want to keep it that way, natural is best for you and your skin. 

Protective properties of seaweed 

Seaweed is naturally full of antioxidants, which offer protective properties and combat skin-damaging free-radicals in the environment. It is packed with vitamins, and contains 10x more minerals than land-based plants. Research is ongoing to determine the exact SPF of seaweed, however we do know that it has been proven to regenerate skin cells, promote collagen and hyaluronic acid production amongst it’s wonderful hydrating and detoxifying properties. We would recommend a seaweed-based skincare routine alongside a natural, mineral based SPF for all-round protection. Remember to stay hydrated and top up SPF often!