Why product shelf life matters: Best before dates & preservatives

As skincare lovers, it's so easy to accumulate many different products over time (our skincare shelves are fully stocked!). It's important to keep track of when it's time to replace them, ensuring that your skincare routine is not hampered by poorly performing expired lotions and serums.  

Product shelf life

Today, most skincare products will have a small jar symbol on the box, containing a number indicating how long the shelf life is, once the product has been opened. That number can be 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36. It’s usually small and can be easy to miss, but it's super important to pay attention to! If the container has no symbol at all, usually a good rule of thumb to follow is one to two years, unless it is written somewhere on the packaging (take note!).

How to tell if a product has come to the end of its life

You will probably be able to tell by looking at a product, if its past its best. If its too difficult to tell, keep an eye out for these signs:  

- The product has separated  
- Smells off 
- Mould spots 
- Consistency and texture have changed 
- Discolouration 

Good hygiene practice 

Remember to use clean hands when applying your products, every time you stick your fingers into a jar of moisturiser, there is the potential to contaminate the cream and your face. If you are unsure about a product, be sure to patch test it first before a full application or replace it if you think it may have expired. Your skin is the biggest organ of the body, so it's vital we take good care of it! 

ishga Anti-oxidant Marine Cream

Time to replace 

It is worth remembering that a products effectiveness will lessen over time, no matter how well you have stored it. If you have products still sitting in your cupboard a year or two after purchasing, its unlikely you are seeing the desired results from it as consistency is key. We believe having a simple, short skincare routine with products that work with your skin's needs is the most effective method. Quality over quantity always! 

How to store your products 

It is best to keep product away from hot, humid environments, and avoid direct sunlight. Cool, dry places will keep your skincare products in their best condition.  

ishga products 

We use Preservative Eco in our products. It is a natural preservative that is palm-free and can be used in natural and organic products. It contains no Parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no isothiazolones,  and no formaldehyde, meaning no synthetic chemicals. The preservative has been approved by the Soil Association and also works in conjunction with our main ingredient seaweed, which contains a natural preservative.  

Generally, after one year, our products will start to become less effective and you should look to replace.However if you're loving the results, you will probably be stocking up before then!

Why do we need to use a preservative? 

Products that don’t use a preservative will have a much shorter shelf life and will most likely need to be stored in the fridge at all times. The Preservative Eco that ishga uses helps to keep the ingredients safe, the texture consistent and also helps prevent bacteria from growing. 
Take time to go through your own skincare products and check to see any that need replacing to keep your skincare regime working to its full potential.

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