A Maskne Meltdown in Lockdown?

What is maskne?

As we near the end of 2020, most of us are in lockdown again. In the northern hemisphere our skin is under pressure from cold weather or toasty central heating.

We’ve all become used to lots of words and phrases related to the pandemic this year, but one that’s especially unwelcome is ‘maskne’. As the name suggests, maskne is localized acne or spots, caused by the coverings we have to wear to keep us safe.

Acne could be something you haven’t experienced since you were a teenager, or you may be a young person enduring a mask all day long, while keeping your education on track. The last thing your mental health needs right now is a knock caused by breakouts.

So how can we stop maskne in its tracks, or at least keep it to a minimum? Firstly, we need to look at keeping our face coverings really clean.


Good mask hygiene:

  • Cotton masks are best as they’re breathable, and they should always be washed after use with your regular laundry, at as warm a temperature as possible.


  • If you suffer from sensitive skin problems like eczema or psorisas, make sure that the laundry detergent you use is dye and fragrance free and won’t cause you any additional problems.


  • Don’t forget you can hand-wash your masks in hot, soapy water if you need to.


  • Carry spare masks with you so you can keep the material next to your face as clean as possible. Throw disposable masks away at the end of the day.


  • Always store your masks in a clean, dry place.


Good skincare matters more than ever:

Now, how can we all make sure we’re cleansing, nourishing and protecting our skin to the best of our ability?


  • Wash your face at regular intervals during the day - ishga Active Seaweed Cleansing Lotion is a great choice. It’s light, easy to use, full of healing seaweed extract and fabled Hebridean spring water, plus Vitamin E and citrus peel, all combined with beautiful, calming essential oil of bergamot.


  • We think it’s vital to exfoliate and use a good facemask at least once a week. The ishga Exfoliating Face Mask performs both tasks with ease. Full of gorgeous essential oils, it effectively draws out dirt, sweat and oil, and will give you confidence that your skin is nourished, balanced and ready for yet another day.


  • When it comes to the perfect moisturiser, ishga’s award-winning Antioxidant Marine Face Cream is our expert choice. Its light, mousse-like texture is a joy to apply, its fresh scent is uplifting, and it’s choc-full of A powerful mix of seaweed extract and Hebridean spring water, it contains over 86 vitamins and minerals. Essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 7 will balance the sebum in your skin and natural moisturisers smooth wrinkles too.


  • It may sound obvious, but our therapists would like to remind you to drink lots of water throughout the day. Keep flushing your skin from the inside out, and maintain a healthy mindset when it comes to your diet. Our ishga Organic Seaweed Capsules are worth considering too – they’re a completely clean and affordable seaweed skincare supplement that’s second to none.


A new normal for some time to come

We hope our advice has helped you a little! It’s wonderful news that effective vaccines are just around the corner, but meanwhile, there’s no doubt that face masks are here to stay, so our skin will continue to need lots of loving care.