Your skin…why organic is best

Organic skincare is all around us, and just like organic food, we’re told it’s so much better for us than other brands we might have trusted for years. We want to take a look at what makes it different. What makes it so special?

Laws surrounding skincare packaging are quite relaxed, and it’s misleading when the word ‘organic’ is plastered on bottles and boxes. Actually, if just 1% of the ingredients in the product are organic, a manufacturer can make a claim to that description.

Therefore, we think it’s really important to check the list of ingredients thoroughly, before you buy. You’ll probably find there’s a huge list of fillers, perfumes and colourants there – and if they aren’t all organic, then realistically, the product isn’t either.

When you start to investigate a list of truly organic ingredients, it’s like entering a whole new world, where they read like a delicious menu. Each plant and mineral has its own tradition, and an interesting story from its source to your skin that’s a joy to learn about.

Just like organic food, the nutrient level in organic skincare ingredients is very much higher, and organic products are free from those perfume or colourants that may irritate your skin, or even cause harm to your body.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and absorbs what you put onto it, so it makes sense to use the best ingredients that you can - but are they as effective as their results-driven competitors?

In the last five to ten years, there’s been a huge shift in thinking surrounding natural organic skincare. Some highly effective products, such as those containing retinol can’t possibly be organic, but an effective routine, using the best organic blends can have equally amazing results.

Organic skincare isn’t just about the feel-good factor of using a luxurious and wholesome label that cares about the planet. At ishga, we believe your skin deserves the very best high quality ingredients, and so our creative, thoughtful scientific research and innovation turns these into something special that makes a huge difference to our customers.

The natural beauty community has been embracing a cleaner, more ethical way to make a difference for quite some time, and now, at ishga, we’re proud to be at the forefront. It’s our passion, and our mission, to bring you the very best organic skincare on the market, from one of the most beautiful, mystical and unpolluted places on earth.