Springtime in Lewis

Get ready for spring


It’s March, and spring is starting to burst into life in the north of Scotland. The beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters of The Outer Hebrides are slowly warming with the spring sun, just a little bit, but with the promise of much more to come.

It’s a time for optimism. Emerging from our homes, it’s so good to see new life appearing, whether it’s snowdrops, crocuses, bluebells, tulips or daffodils in woods and hedgerows, or young animals on farms in the field and countryside. A little warmth makes everything seem fresh and new again.

Of course, our skin benefits from the sunshine too, and as long as we keep it protected, being outdoors is great for body, mind and spirit. We all feel pale and pasty after winter, and know it won’t be long until warm jackets, hats and scarves are off and we’ll have our bodies on display again.


The power of nature

At ishga, we passionately believe in the power of nature to transform skin, and in particular, in nutrients from the sea, which are stored within our Hebridean seaweed extract. Combined with carefully chosen essential oils, and vitamins and minerals from our clear sea and spring water, our products can help get you ready for warmer days.

People on our islands have always been mindful of water, as a healer, and the heart of living matter. Locations that held water, including natural springs, were revered for their healing and therapeutic properties. They have natural beauty, but also spiritual significance, and people believed in magical virtues that brought health from the heart of the earth. Of course, through the lense of science we now know that they were onto something!


Folklore and science

Every product within the ishga skincare range includes water from a historical, Hebridean healing spring. The spring that we use is situated in a beautiful, remote location among hills and lochs on the Isle of Lewis. It’s a particularly lively little spring, and has a bottom of blue clay - according to local folklore it’s been used throughout the ages for its ability to heal and restore.

Of course, we’re not asking you to believe that this water has magical powers, but there’s certainly something very special about the nutrients it contains, and they most definitely have a powerful effect the skin. It’s simply nature’s goodness at its best, and it really does work. That’s why we put it in our products.


ishga’s top picks for spring

As the season of spring continues to unfold around us, we’re reminded of the perfect balance and power of nature, and the wonder that it holds for us. We hope you have fun getting outdoors again, and getting ready for summer in your own way. If that includes treating yourself to the best natural organic skincare, here’s ishga’s pick to help you embrace sunny days.


Replenishing Lip Balm

ishga Organic Seaweed Replenishing Lip Balm contains a gorgeous, rich base of the best, organic ingredients. It glides on easily, is absorbed quickly and leaves lips plump and silky smooth.

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Anti-oxidant Marine Cream

A revolutionary organic moisturiser, ishga Anti-oxidant Marine Face Cream is simply full of natural goodness, and will transform any skin type or stubborn problem, while brightening, freshening and smoothing any wrinkles.

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Active Cleansing Lotion

We mix our unique seaweed extract with natural, local spring water, before adding nourishing cocoa butter and light jojoba oil, to hydrate and nourish the skin without blocking pores. Calming bergamot oil, citrus peel and natural Vitamin E lend strength to the cleanser and a beautiful, fresh scent.

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NEW Shampoo and Body Bar

Our luxurious new Shampoo & Body Bar combines ishga’s unique seaweed extract with soothing aloe vera and natural spring water. Natural and vegetable-based, the Shampoo & Body Bar is formulated free from sodium lauryl sulfate but still maintains an excellent lather and features a high glycerine content providing a comforting, moisturising effect and a pleasant skin feel. Enhanced with lemongrass, geranium, lavender and juniper berries, this uplifting fragrance elevates the experience to an organic, aromatherapeutic daily cleansing ritual.

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