ishga & Cutitronics: A Match made in Spa Heaven

At ishga, our quest to deliver the healing power of the sea and bring you joy continues. We’re delighted to tell you of our latest partnership with Glasgow’s multi-award winning company Cutitronics, which means we can now analyse the health and condition of your skin at any time, using a clever ‘Fitbit’ style device.

This cutting-edge technology is currently used across a range of health applications, but it’s a fantastic device for the beauty industry too. Our ishga therapists will now be able to see exactly which products suit you, and exactly how much to use. You’ll be able to access your perfect prescription for treatments, and take it home with you.


Cutitronics skincare device


Cutitronics have specifically chosen ishga to partner them in this impressive initiative. Our Spa Director Leon Trayling says;

The last 12 months have clearly shown the need for businesses to learn from and adapt to customer behaviour. Spas are perfectly positioned to combine digital technology with a personal touch, to deliver a truly bespoke experience to consumers. Our partnership with Cutitronics is an important step in this direction and ishga is excited to be leading the way.

But why did Cutitronics choose ishga? Here’s what Wilma McDaniel, Commercial Director at Cutitronics thinks;

Cutitronics chose to work with ishga for two reasons: its exceptional people and its exceptional products. Right from our early discussions with ishga, it was clear that the combination of ishga formulations and Cutitron® technologies could deliver a 21st century skincare solution that brings fantastic results to consumers and therapists.

Our founders have worked hard for years to make ishga’s range exceptional, and to find the best way to bring it to you. Recent recognition by the beauty industry, and the speed at which happy customers embrace our products are wonderful to see. A love for ishga is growing steadily in Australia, North America, Germany, and The United Arab Emirates. We’re soon to launch in India, and are in talks with distributors in North Africa and Japan.

What ishga offers isn’t just a spiritually uplifting and effective range of natural, organic skincare. It’s a powerful combination of the very best ingredients, carefully developed to visibly improve the health and appearance of your skin, whatever it’s age or type. We’re extremely proud to bring together the best people, dedicated to bringing the benefits to you, wherever you are in the world.