What happens to your skin when you get a facial?

Having a facial is the ultimate luxury to help boost your skin’s health and level up your skincare routine. Regular facials are recommended (every 4 weeks if possible), amongst a consistent quality at-home skincare regime, to ensure skin is nourished and glowing all year round. Depending on what type of facial you opt for, the sequence and benefits may vary.  

Key benefits of a facial  

Relieves stress 

When we are stressed, we release more of the hormone cortisol which leads to our skin over-producing oils, causing breakouts and sensitivity. The massage included in a facial will help your mind and facial muscles to relax and keep stress at bay. You may even drift off into a light sleep! 

Deeply cleanses 

Facials are a fantastic way to thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove built up dead skin cells, dirt, pollution, toxins and bacteria. Keeping your skin clean will help to prevent inflammation, acne and blackheads. After a facial, you will notice your skin being much brighter and renewed, with lasting effects noticeable when frequent facials are enjoyed. 

Helps skin glow 

As you receive your facial and the skin is massaged, circulation is improved as there is an increase of blood and nutrients delivered to the skin. Skin is healthy, nourished and rejuvenated. Facials can also help to de-puff skin, giving it a firmer appearance. 

Makes you feel good, inside and out 

Facials have been found to increase the release of serotonin and endorphins into the bloodstream, which can uplift mood. They can also stimulate pain blockers and reduce the feelings associated with chronic pain. Giving yourself time to enjoy a facial means you can truly switch off for some undisturbed ‘me-time’ to focus on important self-care, enhancing overall wellbeing. 

A typical facial routine 

Every facial routine will vary, but these steps are key to achieving glowing skin. If you can’t make it to a spa, you can follow these steps with your ishga products at home.  

  1. Cleanse

Skin is cleansed and makeup (if wearing) is removed. This will help the therapist see the condition of your skin and assess if there is any sensitivity. It’s the first step of the facial and is a very soothing process which incorporates some massage, helping you to relax. 

  1. Exfoliate

An exfoliator will be applied to the skin, helping to remove impurities and dead skin cell build up. Skin will feel smooth and refreshed and be primed for the following steps of the facial. 

  1. Scalp & Neck Massage

Depending on the facial you choose, a scalp and neck massage may be included. This will ease any tension and deepen your relaxation even further.  

  1. Mask

A mask containing active ingredients will penetrate deep into the pores of the outermost layer of the skin, removing impurities and leaving it brighter and renewed. 

  1. Protect & hydrate

To finish off the routine, a serum and moisturiser may be gently massaged into your skin providing protection and hydration. 


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