Win a prize bundle from the ocean

The ocean is at the heart of everything we do at ishga. It supplies us with our wonder ingredient - Hebridean seaweed. This World Oceans Day, we're giving you the chance to win one of three incredible prize bundles sustainably derived from the ocean. We've partnered with our friends at Isle of Barra Distillers and Ocean Plastic Pots, who also source their products from the ocean, to provide a prize bundle for three winners worth up to £277, each containing:

  • ishga Shampoo & Body Bar
  • ishga Seaweed Bath
  • ishga Anti-oxidant Marine Cream 50ml
  • ishga Invigorating Body Oil 100ml
  • ishga Sanitiser 30ml
  • 2x bottles of Isle of Barra Atlantic Gin
  • A sustainable Ocean Plastic Pot made from ocean plastic waste sourced from Scottish waters


Learn more about our ocean partners

Discover Isle of Barra Distillers

Breaking the waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean on the far western edge of Scotland, of Europe, the Isle of Barra is our home, our inspiration, our family. Distilling and bottling at Scotland’s most westerly distillery, we create the true taste Barra, sharing the best of our island home with the Barra family, home and away. The Isle of Barra makes you feel alive, it makes you feel free. Come summer, the warming North Atlantic Drift brings our drop in the ocean calm, tranquil days and long, gentle nights – respite after the harsh winter; a tonic for the soul.

We call ourselves a family distillery, and we really are, but that goes way beyond our own family. It’s all about connections, making everyone welcome and sharing this amazing experience with as many people as possible, extending our family as we do so.

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Discover Ocean Plastic Pots

Products are made in Scotland from 100% recycled rope, fishing net and beach plastic collected locally. Working as a commercial diver, founder Ally was angry at the volume of plastic he was finding in the sea and on our beaches. He knew he had to do something. During lockdown, Ally was a diver working on the salvage operation of a cargo ship that ran aground in ‘The Minch’ North of the isle of Skye carrying waste plastic. This experience inspired Ocean Plastic Pots. He started making small plant pots from recycled beach plastic in his shed, which were sold at Leith Market, and from there the business has grown.

By choosing an Ocean Plastic Pot, you are growing awareness of plastic pollution.

Together we can inspire the next generation, and get our hands dirty while we work towards a better future. One where our beaches are plastic free, and our marine-life isn’t threatened.

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